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Posté par webos le 17 novembre 2010

Update on 22th december 2010.

Comme vous le savez, j’ai du mal à résister aux demandes issues de belles femmes, c’est peut-être parce que j’en ai trois à la maison ;-) Alors, pour faire plaisir à Cristina qui vient d’arriver en Provence, je vais vous livrer mes bonnes adresses sur Aix et sa région et en anglais, à sa demande expresse. And first of all, please apology for my poor english.

This page will be divided in different items : restaurants, thinks to do and medecine clues.

I will add information when I got them so do not hesitate to come here oftenly.

Special request :

If you ask for a special request, please use the form here below : a restaurant, a doctor, a place to visit or to rent, a ski resort…


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Enjoying Provence : 

To begin, I will advice you to buy a good pair of sunglasses, pick off from your wine cellar a good bottle of your native country and enjoy the sun at every season, specially when it is raining or freezing in the north of France (or Europe as England or Germany…).

French lesson for adult :

NEW : Around Aix en Provence, if you need French lesson for adult, do not hesitate to contact Diane (cell : She is a teacher specialised in lesson for foreigner and my neighbor ;-) She gives the lesson at your home. Do not hesitate and give her a call. She worth it.

Medecine :

For the begining and the most important problems, at the Aix hospital, you could find specific urgency for child till 18 y.o. at the first floor by the main entrance. The big advantage is that queuing is reduce, nurses are so nice and doctors so specialised for child illness.

NEW : For ORL (ear, trachee and mouth specific problem), call Dc Chartier He works directly in the center of Aix en Provence with Dc Giaconia near the City Hall.

Restaurants :

With child I advise to go to Pasta Cosy rue d’Entrecasteaux. The boss speak english fluently and the restaurant is focused into the lonely planet guide. The restaurant is specialised in pasta but is not italian : their speciality is tagliatelle with parmesan and cooked directly into the big cheese. So nice !!

Close to this restaurant you have le petit verdot, same street where you can eat real french cuisine and the boss speak english too ;-) The quantity of different wines to drink is impressive. I advise you to go there without your kids.

Nîmes is a very old city very enthusiastic fora night romance walk ;-) You will see so old Arena (2000 y.o.), garden of Diane… and you will enjoy very good fench cuisine. I recommand you to book at the « L’Exaequo » 11 rue Bigot. They organise special event in cooperation with a wine castle to offer a unique meal (about 4/5 plates) to taste different wine. The quantity of meal and wine are few in order to finish easily the night even for girl.The food is so well done and the wine are really good. Each association meal/wine is commented by the boss or the representative of the Wine Castle. The next one is on Friday 10th decmber. Do not hesitate to drive 1 hour from Aix. It is really worth it.

Special Notice :

Near Orly airport (5 minutes by car), Iheavily recommand you to go to « La clef des champs » in Paray Vieille Poste. The place looks like every other, no special attraction outside or inside but the food…… So original !!!! You will really enjoy. Do not forget to phone before if not, no chance to eat. And do not forget to bring your big appetite but they manage also to serve half meal ;-) You can go with child, they will really appreciate the special hamburger home made with brioche, foie gras and confiture de figue (two levels of course…). The chief creates everyday special meal and put them on the « ardoise » . One of my favorite restaurant ever and prices are very interesting !!



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